Artists and creatives have used our service to produce proofs, portfolios, limited editions and bespoke publications for sale and collection.


by Kraig Carlström

This book was a labour of love created by photographer and yachtsman, Kraig Carlström to document the meticulous reconstruction of the 1924 Norwegian yacht VARG.  The story is mammoth and so is the book at Majestic size.

Kraig chose to complement the craftsmanship involved in the vessel’s rebuild with inkjet printed Cotton Rag pages, hand stitching and hand binding.  An edition of 10 has been created with one copy purchased by the National Library of Australia.
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Interview With A Cockatoo (Or Two)

by Leila Jeffreys

As a fine-art photographic artist, producing a book allows Leila Jeffreys to extend access to her work beyond exhibition walls. 

Cockatoo was popular with judges and the public as a finalist in the Australian Photo Book Of The Year Awards 2013 and it has been one of the best selling books Momento Pro has produced. It was printed in an edition of 50 with an Orange Linen cover and custom embossing.

Leila is also publishing a book titled Birdland with Hachette in Australia and New Zealand and Bird Love with US Publisher, Abrams in October 2015.

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by Robert van Koesveld

This is an intimate, intricately researched observation of Geiko and Maiko culture in Kyoto. The stunning photography is complemented by a professional layout including Japanese patterns, sophisticated typography and a dust jacket that takes full advantage of all the panels to promote the book and author.

A digital offset print was produced as a proof for attracting a trade publisher, and an inkjet version was produced for Robert’s self-published limited edition - an artwork in its own right.

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The Afghanistan Diaries

by Stephen Dupont

Stephen is one of Australia’s most renowned photographers and prolific photo book creators.  All his projects are destined for books, and over the years he has utilised all forms of production and publishing including handmade, self published limited editions through to large run trade published print runs. 

We've worked on a number of projects together including a custom box set of his five Afghanistan books, Inkjet printed on Cotton-Rag paper, that is now housed in major art collections around the world, plus an artist proof and boxes for his Steidl Generation AK publication.

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Let's Get Weird Together

by Angie Connell

Melbourne based fine-art photographer, Angie Connell, combined commissioned pet portraits and artistic animal-human creations into a self-published work titled Let’s Get Weird Together.

The books included Section Sewn Satin 170 paper with a custom white emboss and Azure linen cover to complement the colour scheme of her page designs.  For a bespoke touch she also included an Art Promo Card - a Permission Slip to get creative.

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