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To help you promote your album, book and card products we've curated a collection of images, videos and text that you can use in your digital and promotions.  Special thanks to David Le and Patina Photography for allowing us to share their stunning images and video with you.

Album Features

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Cover materials

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Why photo prints matter

The Beautiful Collective and Connie have kindly allowed Momento Pro customers to tell their story and use their precious images to help you remind clients why photo prints matter. Please include this photo credit wherever possible: Photos by

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"Connie is living testament that we should hold photographs in our hands and celebrate them for as long as we breathe." - The Beautiful Collective
These photos prove why you and your clients deserve printed photos that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, rather than just digital files viewed on screen for a few fleeting moments.
Connie is 90 years young and her wedding was 67 years ago. Last year her granddaughter's wedding was photographed by The Beautiful Collective. Connie realised they all shared a passion for photo memories so she invited them over for limoncello and a walk down memory lane.
She frocked up and walked them through her home, pointing out photos of her parents, her childhood, her husband and her children - telling many stories of their life together.
She also reminisced about how wonderful she felt putting on her gown and walking down the aisle to marry her beloved, but now departed, Giuseppe. The two photos she has from their wedding day are her most precious belongings as they help to keep his spirit alive.
Everyone should be able to relive magic moments from their life with their grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Photographs are some of the best windows to the past, and print is still the only photo format guaranteed to last for decades and centuries to come.
Give memories a chance by preserving them in photo books or albums. Your clients may not realise why photo prints matter, but you could always educate them by telling the story of the beautiful Connie and Giuseppe.
Thanks Connie, Christina, Haley and Darren for letting us share your story.


Album facts and promotional text

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While your wedding day flashes by in a whirlwind of love and laughter, printed photos of your celebration will keep the memories alive for decades, so that you, your kids, and even great grandkids can experience the joy over and over again.

We look forward to capturing your wedding and providing you with the ultimate record of your day in an album that looks like a real-life fairytale.

Our albums are bound with a seamless gutter, allowing the pages to sit flawlessly flat to do your photos true justice.

They are lovingly handcrafted in Sydney, Australia, by a team that won the highest accolade for the international print industry in late 2019  - so we can promise your album will be produced to world class standards.

The combination of materials used to produce your album have been carefully selected to give them the longest possible lifespan in an album today.

The pages are printed using 10 colour Epson Ultrachrome inkjet inks that have superior colour accuracy.  They have been extensively tested to demonstrate archival level image stability.

The album pages are 100% cotton rag, made from cotton fibre that is inherently lignen and acid free.  Cotton rag is a superior material that ensures your album will age better than those produced with paper pages derived from wood pulp. 

To maximise the permanence of every album page, each is also finished with a fine Hahnemuehle archival coating.

The combination of all of these materials, along with your personal care, makes it possible for you and your family to enjoy your photos for generations to come.

We promise that your album has quality and care embedded at every level.

Albums are forever!