Flush Mount Albums

If your aim is to provide the ultimate, archival presentation for your photo, our albums are composed of 10-colour inkjet Cotton Rag prints bound as seamless double page spreads. They're available in 1.1mm and 0.6mm paper thickness, with a maximum 50 spreads/100 pages, and there's 10 free spreads included in every album.

Cotton Rag (1.1mm) Max: 35 spreads/70 pages Cotton Rag (0.6mm) Max: 50 spreads/100 pages Other options coming … Read more
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The production time on a Flush Mount Album is 14 calendar days, except if you order a Prestige Mount cover - this will … Read more
See the current range of material options at /products/photo-books/cover-materials   Read more
No, printed photo hardcover cover or Dust-jacket are not available for Flush Mounts. You can however have a photo … Read more
Only Square orientation is available currently.  Our sizes are shown as inches but they are only approximate: 12 … Read more
Yes, more info can be found at /design eg Smart Albums, Indesign, Photoshop  &… Read more
Yes, the same as photobooks, Studio Display copies are available to order at a 40% discount. Read more