NEW Flush Mount Albums

Following two years of intensive research, we're delighted to finally launch our new archival albums, composed of 10-colour inkjet Cotton Rag prints bound as seamless double page spreads. They are currently available in 1.1mm and 0.6mm paper thicknesses, with more pages than ever before and a maximum of 50 spreads / 100 pages. 10 spreads included for free in every album. We look forward to releasing more formats and papers in the coming months.

To freshen up our range we've sourced 20 new cover materials, 3 new emboss colours and upgraded to thicker end pages. View all the new and discontinued materials here.

Cotton Rag (1.1mm) Max: 35 spreads/70 pages Cotton Rag (0.6mm) Max: 50 spreads/100 pages Other options coming … Read more
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