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Sales Tools

Products, discounts and marketing tools to help you sell Momento Pro products in your showroom, at client presentations or tradeshows.

Standard Swatch Box

To experience all our cover materials, photo book and album papers, order a Swatch Box that holds examples of every option. The most economical box is finished with a Midnight Matte cover.

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7 days

Custom Swatch box

To view all the options available for album and book covers and papers, order a Swatch Box with your choice of cover material and custom embossing.

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Custom emboss stamps

Emboss your logo or some bespoke art onto the cover of any album, book or box. Simple designs with a consistent line width work best, and avoid fine lines, intricate detail or large solid areas.

Format required:
  • Black on white design at actual size
  • As a vector EPS or PDF
  • If necessary as a 300 dpi PNG or TIFF


  • Price is determined by size
  • Size is selected at upload
  • Position and colour are selected when ordering

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40% Studio Display discounts

Samples are invaluable for winning sales. To help you sell them with ease, members who onsell Momento Pro products regularly receive 40% discount on five books, albums or clamshell boxes each year.

To redeem the discount:

  • Tick the Studio Display discount box in the order form
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Call Customer Service to pay for your order

Please note:

  • Folios, swatch boxes, emboss stamps, cards, softcovers and volume orders are not eligible for this discount
  • A clear Studio Display stamp is embossed onto the last page of all display books and albums
Get maximum value from the Studio Display discount


Content for promotional use

To help wedding and portrait photographers with sales and marketing, we've created content for you to easily download and use in your own digital and printed promotions.

The content includes Photoshop PSD files of albums, books and cards that you can drop your own photos into, images of how we handcraft your albums.





Digital Previews 

Share your project with clients, colleagues or the public by using the buttons in your Projects list to publish an interactive preview in an email, on a website or social channels.  This is an easy way to generate publicity, inspire sales or expand your network.