Printed promotions

Coordinated communications


Printed materials have a sense of importance and permanence that digital documents don't, so use our premium stationery and booklets to send your clients messages that show you genuinely care, or when you need to create brochures and business cards with high impact.

For the most professional look and feel, maintain a consistent colour theme and style across all your printed collateral, and always add your logo to reinforce your brand and make it easy for people to find you.

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Information booklets & client guides

Build trust and confidence in your brand, while reducing questions from customers, by creating a visually stunning reference manual that summarises how you work and how your clients work with you.

Include details about who you are, what you do, your prices, how your products are crafted, and what your clients can expect on the wedding day or during the portrait session - basically anything that will make life easier for you all.

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Prints to 'surprise & delight'

Contemporary marketing theory is big on the 'surprise' and 'delight' factor, so why not make your customers feel special while building a rapport, by sending unexpected welcome and thank you cards.

It's also a great opportunity for them to experience photographs in print, and to witness the beauty of tangible, tactile products. Every time you send or give your clients a printed product, their appreciation for printed products will grow too.

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Gift certificates & special offers

Make it easy for customers to enjoy their photographs in print by creating your own gift voucher that they can put toward the purchase of an album or photo book.  Include an expiry date that's not too far into the future to encourage immediate use.

Or team up with a local business that shares the same values and clientele as you, and offer mutual discounts on your products or services.  The power of personal or qualified referrals should never be underestimated!

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Premium pricelists & calling cards

To present your pricelist or business details in an upmarket format that feels sensational and sets you apart from the crowd at a tradeshow, use our double-sided Jumbo Promo Cards or Regular size folded Greeting Cards, in delicious art stock.

For a more contemporary of commercial promotion, consider a Promo Cards with a gloss laminate finish on one side, or the Matte Greeting Card option.

To ensure your pricing or messaging is easy to digest, keep the information to essential details only and link the reader through to your website for more information.

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The alternative portfolio

​Calendars are an economical way to keep your images in the eyeline of past and potential clients all year round, while small booklets are a smart leave-behind at the end of a portfolio session so your work can't be forgotten . 

Whether you choose to create a Desk or Wall Calendar, you only need 12 images and 10 minutes to design using the templates in Momento Pro's software, while saddle-stitched booklets can be crafted using our InDesign Plugin.

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