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Print is not dead, and it has maximum impact when it comes to getting your work seen by agencies, creative directors and corporates. Find  ideas and examples of contemporary portfolios and photographer promotions below at plenty more inspiration at The Momentum blog.


Portfolio with personality

Travelling Light by Sean Izzard

This is not your average folio.  Not only do you get a sense of Sean's technical skill but his personality and interests in life.

The book design also has serious attitude.  It was laid out by a professional designer, who drew on the principles of Dutch photobook design to inspire the reader to keep turning the page.

Sean produced this in a large custom size that does justice to his images, with an embossed Dove linen cover that complements the tone of the images inside.
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Portfolios for meetings vs mailing

Portraitwork by George Fetting


George has curated a classic selection of photos from his archive, that highlight his creative approach to portraiture and the diversity of his clients.

The Grand size book and box set emblazoned with his logo will stand out in a meeting, and the deliciously tactile matte black cover will stick in the memory of agency folk too. The complementary edition of 50 saddle-stitched booklets will keep his work circulating and in the face of creatives.
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Annual Lookbooks

by Stuart Miller

Momento Pro can produce a single copy or up to 250 hardcover books, which makes creating a fresh annual portfolio or yearly lookbook feasible and cost-effective.

Stuart Miller has made new folios each year in different sizes for different purposes. He printed a Grand size with a Midnight Matte cover and large emboss text for client meetings and a series of small folios with a Classic cover and small emboss text for mailing out to agencies.
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by Sage Creative Co.

This limited edition of 200 softcovers hit the sweet spot last month, selling out within one week.

Sage Creative Co. and Vanessa Samuels Design teamed up with photographer Chris Court to produce a beautifully crafted food and recipe journal. They wanted it to be a hybrid journal/mag with the same quality and feel of a premium cookbook.

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The whole promotional package

by Janyon Boshoff

Editorial photographer Janyon has coordinated his portfolio and promotional collateral to ensure consistency across the range, and to customise each product for the needs of its audience.

The set includes: a Grand size hardcover book for meetings; a regular size hardcover book for a leave behind; a Small perfect bound softcover book for mailing out; a Regular size saddle-stitched booklet mailed out as a bespoke quarterly magazine; and Promo cards for all purposes and clients.

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