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Momento Pro + APPA Awards 2019

The Australian Professional Photography Awards Awards (APPA) were founded in 1963 by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and they are now the largest awards for professional print photography in Australia, and one of the largest in the world. The Awards are open to AIPP member and non AIPP member photographers from all disciplines. Momento Pro is a proud sponsor of the Book and Album categories, and we offer a 40% discount on all books and albums produced for APPA.

How to order your APPA Book or Album with Momento Pro

Call Lisa on 1300 650 127 before 3pm Friday 12 July to place your order and redeem one of your five annual Studio Display discounts of 40%.  The discount only applies to standard book or album products and materials.

* Be aware that all orders will be sent directly to APPA. Allow extra time if you wish to personally submit your entry

How to enter the APPA Book or Album Awards

  1. Non-members must apply for Wildcard entry by emailing by Friday 12 July
  2. All entrants must register their entry online and pay the entry fee of $50 for AIPP members, $80 for non members, or one free entry for entrants who submit the maximum number of prints into APPA (3 or 4, depending on entry type) by 5pm on Thursday 25 July
  3. All entrants must submit a physical copy to APPA by Thursday 1 August * (Please note that Momento Pro will delivery to APPA).

Official APPA Rules


Album category entry criteria

The Album category rewards the art of presenting a series of technically and artistically excellent photographs in an engaging visual narrative to tell the story of an event, person or people. An album is defined as any bound collection of photos of a personal nature, commissioned by a client, or for private viewing, most commonly including event, wedding and portrait photography.

APPA Album Category Rules

Book category entry criteria

The Book category is designed to showcase photography in a printed publication where the photos are the primary carrier of the communiqué. The book can be any bound collection of photos created or published specifically for public viewing, but cannot be commissioned by individuals for private enjoyment. Content can include travel, landscape, documentary, illustrative, commercial, portrait or editorial photography. The books may be unpublished, self-published or published by a trade, academic or cultural institution.

APPA Book Category Rules



The judging will be held at The Kensington Room, Royal Randwick Racecourse, Randwick, Sydney on Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10-12 August. Judging is open to the public and free to attend. It will also be livestreamed via the AIPP website.

Official APPA judging schedule


APPA questions?