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The APS Momento Pro Photobook Competition

A project of the Australian Photographic Society Print Group and Momento Pro

The Australian Photographic Society Momento Pro Photo Book Competition 2021 opens for entry between 4 July and 15 October 2021 with a prize pool of $2,000 in cash and photo book voucher prizes on offer.  Congratulations to the six 2020 winners and should you be inspired to host your own view our Camera Club Photo Book Competition guidelines and design tips below, and contact us for some photo book voucher prizes.

Please note that this competition web page will soon be transferred to the Australian Photographic Society website.


$500 in cash prizes
The Australian Photographic Society Print Group will award cash prizes across the Portfolio and Storytelling categories:
$1500 in photo book voucher prizes
Momento Pro vouchers will be awarded to the six winners across the Portfolio and Storytelling categories:  

How to enter

APSCON Photobook Competition
c/o Yvonne Hill
67 Sugars Rd
Bellbowrie QLD 4070

Judging Criteria

Excellence and fitness for purpose in:
Additional criteria for Storytelling category:  



Entries in the Portfolio category will typically reflect an overarching theme or subject that is explored through the artist’s choice of images.

A collection of images that stand together, typically illustrating a specific subject or topic. Text may be included but is not a compulsory element. The selection of images may showcase varieties of form, characteristic behaviours, different moods or any other aspects of the subject that the author wishes to portray. Ideally, the selected images will work together so that the portfolio has a visual impact “greater than the sum of its parts”. Judging criteria include excellence and fitness for purpose in photography; selection and sequencing of images; design, layout and typography.


Entries in the Storytelling category will typically follow a story line illustrated by the artist’s choice of images and their sequencing. That said, it is quite possible for a photo book to fit into either category if, for example, it presents thematically-related images that tell a story. In such cases the author is free to enter their work in either category.

A collection of images that stand together to present a story or narrative. Images are typically chosen and organised to illuminate the story that the author wishes to tell. Text may be included to augment the narrative but is not a compulsory element. In addition to excellence and fitness for purpose in photography, selection and sequencing of images, design, layout and typography, the judges will give weight to the originality of concept and design as well as an engaging visual narrative.

Award Presentation

Winners will be announced online via a Zoom presentation on 27 October.


APS Photobook Competition Coordinator
Paul Balfe
0404 822 317


2020 Winners

Storytelling category winners
Portfolio category winners

View the winners books at 'The Momentum'.

Photo book design tips

After printing thousands of orders, we've learnt a lot about what makes a great-looking photo book. In a nutshell: know the purpose of your book; less is always more; and white space and symmetry are your friend.

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Printing with Momento Pro

There is absolutely no requirement for you to print your book with Momento Pro but should you wish to please be aware that we offer a 30% discount on first order then 10% off other orders to members of Australian camera clubs who join our Camera Club Program. When planning your entry please allow 14 days for production (ex delivery) for standard book orders and 21 days for production (ex delivery) for premium book orders.  Please allow more time for delivery.

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Start a Camera Club Photobook Competition

To help Camera Club members prepare their best entry for the national Australian Photographic Society Photo Book Competition, by learning and refining the art of editing photos and photo book design, you may wish to start a Photo Book Competition for your Camera Club or Photographic Society.

We recommend you host the competition between January and May to allow for entry, judging and feedback prior to the APS competition opening for entry in July, and suggest an entry period of 6-8 weeks as this gives entrants sufficient time to conceptualise, capture, design and print their book. 

Feel free to contact us for guidance on how to administer the competition and to request for Momento Pro voucher prizes.

*** Co-founder Libby Jeffery is offering to judge and provide feedback via a Zoom presentation for the first three clubs to launch a competition in 2021, who email a request to by 15 March 2021.  ***

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