Designing with Pic-Time


Pic-Time is a service that allows photographers to host online photo galleries, design printed photo products, and sell them to their clients. Photograpers can design and buy products themselves, or invite clients to design and buy products from Pic-Time directly. Pic-Time sends the orders to select labs around the world for printing and delivery, and Momento Pro is now a lab for Australian and New Zealand customers only.

Be aware that Pic-Time's team have selected only a handful of our products to sell including a few Flush Mount Album options and greeting cards in packs of 24.  They do not offer the full range and format options that you can buy from Momento Pro directly.

Because they've saved you a lot of time by researching and sourcing products from premium suppliers, and saved you money by automatically generating stylish online galleries and shopfronts, they sell Momento Pro products at higher prices.

Their personalised web pages make it easy for your clients to buy readymade products, and unlike other photo galleries Pic-Time has an album design tool that you or your client can use to create a professional design online.

Momento Pro products available at Pic-Time

Flush Mount Albums

All album orders automatically include a matching Clamshell Box. Boxes are not optional and are included in the album price.

Clamshell Boxes

Pic-time automatically includes Clamshell Boxes with any album order. They are not optional and are included in the album price.


Greeting Cards

All cards come with a thick envelope. Pic-Time's layout tool allows you to design the front of the card.


How to work with Momento Pro and Pic-Time

The way you choose to use Pic-Time with Momento Pro is up to you,  your business model and your workflow. Here's some suggestions:


You do all the design and ordering

In this scenario you have maximum creative and quality control, and could use Pic-Time to do any of the following:


You do all the design and your client orders

In this arrangement you can design products to your personalised Pic-Time shopfront for your clients to order at any time.  You can add a markup and Pic-Time will remit any sales revenue to you according to their standard policies. You can use Pic-Time to:


Your client does all the designing and ordering

If you don't have the time or interest in designing printed products but want to benefit from potential sales revenue, you can use Pic-Time to:


Pic-Time or Momento Pro?

If you're trying to decide whether to continue working with Momento Pro as you always have, or to take advantage of some cool features that Pic-Time offer that we can't, here's some things to consider.

Try working with Momento Pro via Pic-Time if you ...


Keep working with Momento Pro direct if you ...

How do I get started with Pic-Time?

You will need to register with Pic-Time and Momento Pro separately before placing any orders. Learn more about Pic-Time here:

Pic-Time customer service

Please direct all Pic-Time queries to their dedicated service team. Pic-Time require us to pass any queries about delivered products to their support team - please allow extra communication time  to allow for this. You'll also find plenty of information on their private Facebook Group.

Common questions

Does Momento Pro produce my Pic-Time orders?

You can order lots of different products from Pic-Time, that are produced form manufacturers all around the world. Momento Pro only produces  the Momento Pro Flush Mount Album and greeting card orders.

Why are album prices higher with Pic-Time than directly via Momento Pro?

Pic-Time have chosen to make all albums available for sale including a matching Clamshell Box. This is not optional. Momento Pro has no control over how Pic-Time make our products available for sale.

The amount you pay Pic-Time for Momento Products also includes their fee. We are therefore unable to pass on full amount of our trade discounts when selling through Pic-Time.

Can I use my Momento Pro Trade Discount with Pic-Time?


How does payment work?

You or your customer pay Pic-Time an amount that includes the product cost, their Pic-Time fee, shipping and tax then they email us the invoice to forward on to you. Any issues related to charges or invoicing should be directed to Pic-Time.

Will my Pic-Time orders appear in my Momento Pro Project list?

If you order from us, your order will appear in your Momento projects list and orders history. If your customer orders from Pic-Time, the project and order will not be visable to you.