How to host a photo book competition guide

Hosting a photo book competition will help your members extend their creative skills and prepare them for entry into the Australian Photographic Society's Photobook Award. To make this easy we've created some guidelines and a sample web page, and once you're set up you can also contact us for a voucher prize.

Entry conditions

Choose whether you have any limitations on:


An Open category competition that doesn't limit the kind of photography or format that can be entered will be appealing to most people but you can also introduce categories such as Portfolio, Storytelling, created by an individual or created by a group. The APS Photobook Award has a Open and Travel category with prizes for Individual and Team entrants.

Entry period

A minimum entry period of 12 weeks gives entrants time to conceptualise, capture photos, design and print their book. The APS Photobook Award has an entry period of 14 weeks. The APS award is hosted in the last half of the year, so hosting your competition in the first half allows entrants to get experience and feedback before entering the national comp.

Entry process

Most international photo book competitions require a physical book entry so the physicality of the book can also be assessed, as it is a major contributor to the sucess of a photo book.  Ensure the postal address for submissions is clearly noted on your website or promotional material.

The APS Photobook Award requires the submission of physical books.

Book returns

The best way to celebrate and return the books is to display them all at an event where the winners are announced. This will allow everyone to learn and be inspired, and no time or expense is needed to package and return them. If returning by mail, ask entrants to provide a prepaid self addressed envelope, or confirm a physical collection point along with dates and hours they can collect.  Coordinate the return in the week after the winners are announced, and note any tracking numbers should entrants enquire about the book's whereabouts.

Entry form

Provide a downloadable Entry Form that entrants must complete and send with their physical book submission. Download our Entry Form template. The APS Book Competition Entry Form requires this information:

Entry fees

The APS Book Competition is free to enter but you may choose to charge a fee to help cover administration and judging costs.

Book printing

While there is no requirement for entrants to print their book with Momento Pro, we'd appreciate you mentioning our Club Program members received a discounts of 15% off all orders.

Judging criteria

Excellence and fitness for purpose in:
Should you host a Storytelling category we suggest you also add the following criteria:

The full APS Photobook Award criteria can be viewed here.

Judging process

A jury of 2-4 judges with a diversity of knowledge and experience in curating or editing images, photo book design or making, or camera club print competition judging, will be most advantageous.  Momento Pro is also happy to provide a judge who can particpate via video or in person where all travel and accomodation expenses are covered.

Judging takes 4-6 hours depending on the number of entries and judges.  Trestle tables hold approximately 8 to 10 books each.  Judges can use a scoring system to identify the top entries, then a group discussion can lead to a group decision on the winners.

The APS Photobook Award has a panel of 3 judges who attend a physical judging session, assisted by a judging coordinator.


Momento Pro is happy to provide a voucher prize. Just contact us to make your request.

The APS Photobook Award has $1,400 worth of Momento Pro vouchers and $500 in cash from the APS Print Group.

Winner announcement

Ensure the date and communication method for the announcement of winners is included in all promotions.  Some clubs hosted award presentations with an exhibition of all the books entered, which is a great way to learn more about and inspire great photo book design.

The APS Photobook Award announces the winners via a Zoom presentation.

Award coordinator

The coordinator can be a contact for any entrant queries, for receiving the physical submissions, for managing the judging process, coordinating the winner announcement and prizes, and ensuring the safe return of all the books.

The APS Photobook Award has coordinator who also receives and returns the books.

Should you have any questions about hosting a photo book competition, don't hesitate to contact our friendly service team, and please let us know if you do host a competition so we can share the winning entries with our Momento Pro community.