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Photobook Binding Types


Choose from our range of binding options to suit the purpose, style and budget for your project.


Prestige Binding





Create the look and feel of a traditional album, without the expense, by choosing our luxurious 6mm thick, bevelled edge hardcover option.


  • Grand and Majestic only
  • Not with Printed covers or dust-jackets
  • Compulsory for Majestic sizes

Prestige Mount Binding






Prestige Mount

For the ultimate photobook, add a photographic metal print to the centre of your Prestige hardcover.

  • In Matte or Ultra Gloss finishes
  • Grand and Majestic only
  • Not with Printed covers or dust-jackets
  • Printed from full bleed Cover image


Spiral Binding





Our Standard binding uses 3mm thick board that ensures longevity and a classic finish.


  • Not available in Majestic size
  Spiral Binding



Spiral Hardcovers

3mm thick board with a printed image, and sturdy black wire. Great for low-cost proof books.


  • Regular & Small sizes only
  • Portrait, Square and Landscape
Spiral Binding


For low budget or short-life projects choose our inexpensive silver wire binding.


  • Not available in Majestic size
  Unbound Pages  


Untrimmed loose page prints are perfect for proofing, framing or for selling as limited edition photographs.


  • Minimum 10 pages